Strategic Alliances

SWAT has formed several strategic alliances within the environmental services industry. By forming these alliances in advance, SWAT can pass on the services of our trusted partners confidently.

For large scale release situations SWAT has an excellent working relationship with and currently maintains MOU's with three of Canada's largest oil spill cooperatives: Western Canadian Spill Services (WCSS), Western Canadian Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC).

As well SWAT has an excellent working relationship with one of Canada's largest logistic companies. In addition, if required, SWAT can manage and supervise the services of third-party suppliers associated with a spill site. In order to ensure value for our clients, SWAT has "preferred contractor" relationships with several local contractors. These partnerships are reviewed regularly to ensure the best price and the best quality services are being provided to our clients.