SWAT is a progressive and proactive company with a strong combination of environmental expertise, hands-on experience and an earned reputation for innovative problem-solving. Since 1990, the key personnel have been directly involved with project management in product containment, product recovery, contaminated site assessments, development of extensive sampling programs, site remediation and reclamation, and training.

Relevant Project Experience

  • Sundre – Diesel spill into a creek. Water and sediment sampling completed as part of monitoring program. Completed an excavation along a road side ditch near the spill source with impacted soils being hauled to a Class II disposal facility.
  • Fox Creek – Confirmatory soil sampling of an excavation at a flare knock-out tank. Historical contamination was identified as an issue on this location.
  • Rocky Mountain House – Supervised excavation of a spill on an existing wellsite. Hydrocarbon-impacted soils were hauled to a Class I disposal facility. Provided recommendations to both a trucking and oil company during this process which also involved spill impact to a buried sump area.
  • Edmonton area – Used calcium nitrate amendment during flushing and recovery process of a large scale produced water spill. Cost reporting and feasibility study were objectives of this project. Correlated results with electromagnetic (EM) survey and soil analytical.
  • Swan Hills – Supervise contouring as necessary on hill cuts and complete rollback on a trail formerly used as access to a spill site.
  • Edmonton area – Obtained vegetation data from a wheat crop on a reclaimed wellsite and access road impacted by salts. An EM survey and soil analytical provided necessary information as well.
  • Drayton Valley – Water well testing to obtain drawdown and recovery data as well as water analytical prior to a drilling program.
  • Central and Northern Alberta – Numerous site inspections of wellsites, access roads, pipeline right-of-ways, and facilities. Completed Environmental Field Reports necessary for regulatory submission.
  • Hinton and Mayerthorpe – Phase I ESA's in accordance with reclamation documents from Alberta Environment. Followed up with Phase II ESA's for target areas identified with potential contamination and a sump investigation in association with an EM survey.