Spill Response Equipment

SWAT has developed a multidiscipline spill response team with diverse technical expertise, specific response training, and the equipment to respond to all upstream produced fluids release situations.

SWAT has designed spill specific equipment for initial spill response within accessible areas and remote areas alike. This equipment has been tested and proven very effective for rapid containment and recovery. The SWAT inventory consists of the following:


  • ½ and ¾ ton trucks
  • 16' Shallow water response boats for containment on rivers
  • 18' River Boat for containment on rivers and lakes
  • 20' Work Boats for containment on rivers and lakes
  • 24' Work Barge
  • 24' Pontoon Boats
  • 13.5' Zodiacs for water releases
  • ATV's; quads and Rhinos
  • Tandem and single axle trailers
  • Boom Boxes
  • High capacity Oil skimmers and power packs for product recovery
  • Product transfer pumps
  • Containment boom
  • Portable inverted weirs
  • Water bladders for containment and storage
  • Hand tools, ropes and safety equipment
  • Absorbent materials
  • Pumps, generators and light standards
  • Product filtration equipment and all other small portable secondary containment units

As SWAT's sister company is an equipment design and distribution company we work direct with the spill equipment manufacturers throughout North America. Direct dealings with the manufacturers SWAT ensures there are no 4th or 5th party charges allowing for a more cost efficient means to purchasing spill response equipment.

SWAT also designs and develops spill response equipment caches.